Patient participation

Rother House Medical Centre has an active patient reference group.  This is committed to ensuring that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided by our practice. We routinely ask for and act on the views of our registered patients. This includes involving our patients in decisions that lead to changes to the services we provide, either directly or in our capacity as gatekeeper to other services.

Local Patient Participation Report

PRG Minutes 20th March 2012

PRG minutes 30.07.13

PRG minutes 13.11.13

Patient Reference Group Annual report 2013-2014

 PRG meeting minutes 25.02.14

PRG Meeting minutes 28.05.14

Patient Reference Group report 2014-2015.pdf

PRG minutes 22.10.14.pdf

PRG minutes 18.03.15.pdf

PRG minutes 01.07.15

 PRG Minutes 21.10.15

 PRG minutes 10.02.16.pdf

 PRG minutes 15.06.16






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